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About Michelle

Michelle Levy Brocco (also known in Israel as Michelle Baruch) grew up in a small and quiet suburb in New Jersey, USA. The beauty of the surrounding nature in her area sparked her interest in the environment.

Later she completed a Bachelor's degree in Earth Sciences and her Master's degree in Environmental Science and Policy from The Johns Hopkins University. Some of her research focused on the Joint Management of Water Resources in the Middle East. She also completed a 1 year certificate program from the Rutgers University in Geoinformatics (GIS). She later completed her studies to be a certified Israeli tour guide with a program under the auspices of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.

Michelle is married and has 4 children and is currently living in the suburbs of Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish people. The amazing beauty and richness of Israel's natural surroundings has led her to attempt to capture some of is on film. To view Michelle's photo website, go to

Come and see for yourselves the richness and diversity that exists here in the Land of Israel!